2 Essential Grooming Tools for Newborn Babies

Having a new baby is an exciting experience for many couples, but knowing how to care for the little one can be overwhelming at first. You have to worry about diapers, wipes, rashes, feeding, bathing, etc. The list is endless, and each child responds differently. One of the most difficult tasks is baby grooming, but with these 2 essential tools, your experience will be much easier.

Nail Scissors

Nail scissors are an absolute necessity for a newborn baby because their nails are flimsy, difficult to cut, and their fingers are tiny. The best nail scissors for babies are specially designed with a rounded tip so that it cannot accidentally poke your little one.

These scissors are also the perfect tool because they can be used right up against the tip of the finger without cutting the skin off. Sometimes nail clippers can catch the skin of tiny babies, but the clippers become more appropriate as an infant grows.

Nose Booger Tweezers

Suctioning boogers out of a babies nose is one of the least pleasant experiences because most babies do not enjoy the sensation. While this may be a necessary method for a severely runny nose, there is a better option for every day nose cleaning.

Booger tweezers are the perfect solution. They are made of smooth plastic with a rounded tip so that the tweezers can glide gently into the nose without causing pain. The tweezers can then be pinches to grab whatever cliff hangers are in there. In addition, they are easy to sanitize with alcohol or soap and warm water.

By having the right tools for grooming nail and removing boogers, being a new parent can be less stressful that it would have been.

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