Why Yoga Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine

Yoga is trending right now and for good reason. There are more benefits that can be named. If you are looking for a way to exercise without having to run or go to a gym, yoga is a great option. You only need a comfortable outfit that will allow you to move freely, and you need a mat, but even that is optional if you do not want to use one. Here are just a few of the reasons why yoga should be part of your daily routine.


Yoga helps to clear the mind of distractions and chaos. When you being practicing yoga, you will probably feel like you are just trying to keep up and figure out all of the poses, but after a learning some of the basic yoga jargon, you will be able to focus on your body, what you feel, and what you need.

Yoga is not just about stretching and strengthening, It is also about being in control, breathing more deeply, and focusing only on what is happening in the practice and nothing else. By stepping away from all of the distractions of your day for even 15 minutes, you are giving your mind a chance to breathe and reset so that it can conquer the rest of the day.


If you live with anxiety, which just about every person does in one way or another, then yoga is an excellent remedy. One of the hardest parts of living with anxiety is that is causes your body to hurt and to not function right at times.

Anxiety may make breathing difficult, so some people find that they only shallow breathe. Anxiety can show up in the form of pain in the chest, the neck, the shoulders, the back, and just about anywhere else you can think of.

Most people hold their anxiety in one part of their body. When you do yoga, however, you can do specific poses and workouts that will target those areas of you body to loosen them, relieve pain, and help you to be calmer. Yoga has a way of opening up your tightest and most painful areas in a gentle and kind way.


Yoga might seem easy when you watch someone else do it, but it is an entirely different experience once you try it. Even the simplest yoga moves require control and muscle strength.

Fingers and toes are always activated, spread, and working to support the rest of the body. When you are doing a pose as simple as child's pose, you will be actively stretching out the arms and armpit muscles by pressing into the mat.

When you do downward dog, your will feel the strength it takes in your shoulders, legs, and arms to keep that perfect V shape. Every move has a purpose and requires you to be aware of what your body is doing so that you get the most out of each pose, so there is no such thing as passive yoga.

As you do yoga consistently, your muscles will grow stronger and become more toned. This in turn will give you the strength to do other hard things, and can build confidence. Even incorporating a 15 minute yoga practice every day can do wonders for the mind and body. So instead of sitting in front of the TV at night, take a few minutes to love yourself by doing yoga. It is a wonderful practice that is full of endless benefits for those who add it to their lives.

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