Why Your Back Acne Won't Go Away

Back acne is embarrassing for most people. No one wants to wear a bathing suit to show off some back acne. Let's be real. It just isn't fun to get in a bathing suit or a dress that shows off your back if you have back acne. But there are some fantastic solutions that can help your back to heal and look healthy again.


Exfoliation is one of the best tools to help with back acne. Our backs are covered by clothing most of the time. This increases sweating, rubbing, and irritation. The pores can become clogged and cannot breathe properly, so it is important to remove the dead skin and to unclog the pores.

One of the easiest ways to do that is with a loofah back scrubber. Loofah is all-natural and easy to use. It is especially effective if you lather it up with some gentle soap. By exfoliating every day or every other day, there is less build up on your back. Invest in a simple loofah, and your back will thank you day after day.


As annoying as medication can be, a good topical ointment can do wonders for back acne. There are a lot of over-the-counter choices that are effective and less expensive. One example of a good mild treatment is Differin, which comes in a gel or lotion form. This ointment is less drying than many of the stronger retinol acne treatments, which makes it easier to use for those who have very dry or sensitive skin.

There are many other effective ointments as well, so it is important to research and find out what you need for your specific needs. Regardless of which ointment you choose, make sure you follow up with a moisturizer so that you lessen the chance if irritation or dryness. After a few weeks, you will hopefully see some results.

Vitamin C Serum

Another great option to help treat back acne is a good vitamin c serum. You can find one on Amazon for around $1o, which is pretty affordable compared to a lot of the products out there.

Vitamin C Serum helps to heal and brighten skin. It also helps acne to disappear much faster after pimples have surfaced and opened. You can also combine serums that are designed for acne, but know what you are getting into before you dive in.

Retinol serums, for example, are great for acne and anti-aging, but they should only be worn at night because they make skin more sensitive to the sun.

By combining all of these treatment options, you can have a much healthier back that glows. You can show off your skin instead of feeling like you need to hide it, and who wouldn't want to feel that confident in a dress or bathing suit?

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