How to Exfoliate Your Skin the Right Way

Exfoliation is a term used to describe the process of removing dead skin. Exfoliation can easily be done at home, and it has many benefits including softer skin and increased circulation.

However, when it comes to exfoliating, there are many products available that can make the process seem overwhelming. We will break down a simple process here that will help you create a routine that will have lasting and ongoing, wonderful effects for your skin.

1. Soak in the bath or shower. It's best to start off your exfoliating process with a warm bath or shower. The warmth of the water will open your pores and allow for better exfoliation. Allow at least 10 minutes in the bath or shower before exfoliating to allow your pores to open and your skin to be fully ready.

2. Choose your method of exfoliation. For everyday exfoliating, a synthetic loofah found at any grocery or drug store works well. You can also use a washcloth or an exfoliating sugar, salt, oil or coffee scrub. All of these method will help with general removal of dead skin and will contribute to an improved look and feel of your skin.

For a deeper and more effective exfoliation, it is best to use a natural, plant-based loofah product such as the Voda Reve Exfoliating Scrubber. Naturally occuring loofah products typically provide the right amount of abrasiveness to give your body a deeper and longer-lasting exfoliation. A loofah will also help to increase your circulation, and many report that real loofahs significantly help to get rid of acne or other skin irritations such as eczema.

You will typically want to use a loofah anywhere from 1-3 times a week. Any more than that could be too much exfoliation which may result in losing the healthy skin cells or skin redness.

3. Create a routine. Whatever you method for exfoliating, it is best to create an ongoing routine. For example, use a synthetic loofah or a loofah scrub on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and use a natural loofah Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Regular and consistent exfoliation will have great long-term effects for your skin. By continually turning over the dead skin cells, you will help with the anti-aging process of your skin, remove impurities, and have more radiant and glowing skin all year long.

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